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06/12/2017  --  Impatient  --  partial - impatient definition, meaning, what is impatient: easily annoyed by someone's mistakes or because you have to wait ...

I don't fit into this category anymore.  Why?  I've never known world peace, have you?  Do you really think 'those' that can 'possibly' do anything to bring about world 'peace' are really out there?  Do you?  Now in the middle east we have more conflict.  06/12/2017.

Blah Blah Blah  ...  Remember what I keep saying?  I read a small book written in the early 1950's by a man (academic) who was also in his early '50s.  They knew then and did nothing.  They passed it on to us.  They passed on having to fight the evil ones, now to our death's.  They knew then and did nothing.  But now we know and will begin to fight them - are fighting.  But will the 'awakened' American flesh and blood people have continued patience? How long do you think will we allow the poisons to drop from the sky, onto the land and sea's of the world?

'Humans' have the tools needed to bring down the evil ones right now, but has it happened?  Do you all really think 'peace' will ensue now that Israel is salivating for their capitol to be Jerusalem?  

The 'good ones' waited to long and now time has slipped through their fingers, wait and see.  Prove it isn't so.

I think it's time that women of the world stood up and gathered their weapons.

WOMEN OF THE WORLD rise up and begin to gather. 

The strategy -  Fight off those that wish to harm you.  Start with the oligarchs - women and men, who control the power structure.  Then move on, boots on the ground.

Gather your armies in western Europe and kill the savages that are raping you, your children - boys and girls, and destroying your peace and culture.  Make no mistake you, who think you're powerful, have never, in modern times, known the savagery that women possess in protecting their young.

Your men, not all, have no balls left.  

Merkel and Netanyahu are being contained.  PLEASE.... 

There are only a few places that I can post this.  But at least I said it.  Male leaders, and some women, will not escape the blade.

Surprise Surprise  --  posted this and was deleted in a nano second


And btw, you don't seem to get it.  Unless there is an anonymous package at my door with funds to help; you will not get what you want;  I will do what I want.  Yes, I'm reckless, but stuff it.  I was told that you're not going to let me go - move on, anytime soon.  So take what you can get because there isn't much left, and I'm NOT IN A GOOD MOOD.

LOL  --  gxer all in!

04/12/2017 - 

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

IF, IF  tptw continue they will get what they are salivating for.  The real 'patriots' know who the enemy is but will have to fight on two fronts.  First they/we/I (if I live long enough) will be fighting the manufactured dissidents known as antifa/blm idiots, but the real enemy are the deep state.  This group has powerful military weapons, but what they don't have on their side is righteousness.  The knowing that we must secure the future for mankind without the boot of oppression on their necks.

It is a pitiful world we live in today.  Unheard of, unbelievable.  The deep state is stalling their position to the point that they are being able to strengthen their actual physical position.  We, the People are not weak.  But many statements are true now.

"The Most Deadly Weapon Ever Created" - TANK - November 27, - 2017


01/12/2017  --  90 %  +  working model? Please.......

Sun Tzu  --  If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

                    Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

                    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

But of course - here in Amerikkka it's coming up on Christmas.  It's cold out now and the water and air are being poisoned exponentially.  

Contributing to the slavery -  so true; it's on you.

But of course there must be the preposterous propaganda of NK to keep the idiots distracted!  You and yours (that includes a VERY WIDE spectrum on the internet) are the controlled opposition.  

The Treasury  Department sent me this NICE letter stating a few case laws.  These cases won't stand the light of day with the information now out there as the truth about 'citizens - standing'.  Citizenship, partnership, custodianship, governorship, ownership, should I go on?

 I hope you get a glimpse of this!  

The suffering of humanity won't stand at this level for much longer;  you're aware of this.  You can't fool some of the people all the time.  


29/11/2017  --  Finish it you cowards - stop the pathetic game with North Korea.  If that ptw ship is in the Black Sea, surround it, and give it an emp blast.  OR something.    OR not!

27/11/2017  -  All  finish.  stop.  embellishment good.

Of the four Q posts on Saturday, shown below, the last three look like coded operational instructions. If they are, one shouldn't assume this is the primary channel of communication; it could be a back-up.

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P_pers: WRWY 

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