​Rallies Updated all the time

Let's get BUSY.  It's time to plan a real strategy, don't you think?

Fuck the statues, our culture and people are being murdered.  I want my troops that specialize in heavy equipment to plan and execute the removal of all statues in danger of defacement and destruction to be removed to a hidden and safe place.  

Next - it's time to plan strategic geographical strongholds and said armaments suitable for these locations with specialists for them.

Find out where all 'rallies' are being held and infiltrate them on both sides.  Find the top 5 organizers and remove them to an interrogation site.

Find out where they're getting their masks and staging of physical organization.  What companies are supplying the buses that transport them.

Sabotage them.  Identify rioters from both sides.  Examine all possible locations that buses would park to distribute those brought in?

Soro's young son has been affiliated with them, find him and quietly remove him.  Find a double for him that you can use and send him back into position.

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Go to the link everyone.  I don't need to spell it out for you.  Remember these guys went and disturbed a  prayer session.  It's classic communist tactics - destroying the family unit.