18/04/2017  --  I do think my visit numbers are exaggerated, but maybe not!  But they're all, or most, regular visitors!  So.  Just saying hi to all of you.

gxer  --  16/04/2017

​Writing in this time frame is not working, but no offers of help.  I guess I'm not worthy.  Interrupted again.

gxer  --  03/04/2017

Okay - I'll get back in the game.  Thanks for letting me know.

gxer  --  ..3......  interesting.... No comment?


DD  --  For my birthday I splurged on eBay for a M- condition original 45 of this, a new diamond stylus for a Tetrad cartridge in a beautifully rejuvenated VM record changer inside a Zenith Allegro console and gave those fuckin' woofers the kind of exercise obstacle course they've been going without for years. There's nothing like an original mono Imperial label pressing of Spooky to handle the job, ...

Now for some real news.

Night of the Saint: AR-15 SAINT |Springfield Armory

You will need to be so much more than a good shot. And your physical strength will only get you so far. It all comes down to mindset. Are you ready for the challenge? Six athletic and adventurous women agreed to go to a mountain in Wyoming. In the end, they learn that their biggest competition isn’t the person to their left or right, but rather their biggest competitor is themselves.


No news or little news is good! WRONG  NOT GOOD!

However, Exactly what am supposed to keep my mouth shut about?  The fact that I've been finding out about 'secret' swift codes.  You warned me a long time ago about them.  Ok, I'll stop yacking about everything.  No big deal!!!!  Have a great day.

On a side note!  'They' can't stop us, we're a force of nature now, moving fast and furious!  Bravo, Our energy is swirling around the planet

like the ejections of solar flares.

Have a great day!!!

15/10/2017  --  It's a good thing that I'm not special, but I can still see.  No doubt our ignorance does not benefit us as a whole, but sometimes your arrogance belies your progress.  We exploit this.  YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.  However, evil human desire for experimentation brings about our own destruction.  

8 mhrtz

05/10/2017  --  So, you think we don't see you. Got news for you, WE DO.  Sitting back and watching the carnage.  I hope it satisfies you, after all you're just the watchers.  It may just be that you're delighting in our primitive culture, that's what you say sometimes.  Laughing with contempt.  This might be construed as a sadistic form of pleasure.  We watch the watchers.  Make no mistake, some of us have the ability to feel your presence. I only see the goods ones for some reason, the Lion protecting me one time.  Why me?  Your contempt is noticeable in the shadows.  Your energy adds to our being put down by the dark.  Either remove yourselves and let the dark side continue the annihilation.  Hopefully it'll be fast and furious!

You are sadly mistaken of the resilience some here have learnt.  You have become tiresome.  Transmission out.  I'm tired today.

03/10/2017  --Excellent no one is coming here right now.

Repeat, nothing happens over here or over there without the knowledge of the 'government/s'.  

I guess I was wrong...  I've had two calls from a military base in as many days, I'm flattered!   More to come

October 1st  2017  --  Well, US INC. is broke.  

To my die hard viewers - Thank You.   I've started to look at a law sight and teaching myself the 'law'.  Mind you I'm not studying for the bar or anything, but is sure is good to know where we/I really stand - on the land.  Interesting times! 

A fun antidote, I was watching one of my law videos and the woman was saying how horrible this one man's website was.  So I went to her site first, you know the kind of site that costs thousands of dollars to put together.  So then I went to the man's site.  It was like mine even more austere, no problem there.  Funny how people with lots of money put down those who can just put out the information without bells and whistles.

07/09/2017  --  Someone told me today that they think I'm from Mars.  I was smiling from ear to ear!!!  I've always been different.

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also  -   The sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in vehicle simulator 

24/08/2017  --   I like the sea.  I love the song, 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald'.  


17/08/2017  -- Good no visitors!

No cryptic words are ignored, all must be heard.  It's not a light hearted endeavour.  The story is not dismissed casually.  Be it known, many are not backing down.  Good vs evil, the outcome will only go to good, truth.


Tried to sign up for skype - what a piece of shit.  I'm not going to use it.  I'll put my e-mail name up in the  chat  in an extended manor, all caps. unless you say that you've been here and don't want further contact.  Nothing personal, I say that to everyone.  You'd be surprised at how many people don't continue once they've seen the site.  

To a possible newcomer  you can e-mail me here -  generationxer@hotmail.com

I have posted the e-mail before so it's no problem.


15/08/2017  --  YIKES !!!  Some new visitors from around the world.  Whoa..  I've always keep this pretty much under the radar.  But cool.  I've been busy giving myself a law degree from online.  The only way is to not spend one dime in the US INC.  

I'm going to make sure to I turn all my dealings into the business name ASDFGHJJK all caps; some really diabolical stuff going on.

 I was thinking this morning about ending this website, not sure why, it just came to me.  One reason is that I'm in a situation where I'm always being interrupted.    


03/08/2017  --  I do not claim to be of the '1-4..........', although some have suggested.  It will come to pass that some might know me.

02/08/2017 --  I never thought I'd make it this long.  It's cool.  If the stats are right nobody's been here!  YEAAAAA!  I can say anything I want.


July 27,  2017 - Words written here are to remind you that there are watchers watching the watchers.  These words are from a 'lessor' entity.  No sharp effect, no other-worldly wisdom or higher philosophy admitted by so called entity.  Quite low - no expectation required on your part as you've already passed us off as sub-par.  A humble grouping of DNA that was disabled, deliberately - deactivated.

The mirror is crude.  What say you but a repetition.  Those on a higher path do thinketh you slow and so cautious as to be boring.  Our path now exceeds your pace.  So you see, your insults now bounce back in your mirror.  All you need is to look in the mirror yourself.  Your words were written a while ago so they are out of date.  Hail your worry and vanity and arrogance.  You are the entities that worry.  We were left to overcome entities that 'were allowed to invade 'US''.  We are but a created slave species, weren't we?  Left to our own devices?  A true timeline was denied us, even though there were those who had the knowledge to over come what you call 'evil'.  But no, they were allowed here to elevate us, you even deny that deep down truth.   You delighted in observing the enfolding experiment.  As to your 'protocol'; you have followed it well, even though you've watched while walking among us, so cool and clever and lamented as beautiful and timeless.  So remind us often of our short comings, often, as you see fit; but remember, if true history is ever written it will come to pass that this episode was preordained by many, you included.  This episode was preordained.  We now fight for our souls as you call them in any way  we know how.  Us of 'lessor intelligence' as you deem us, have little choice.  We know that there is a choice but our lives now depend on more aggressive actions.  In the end our 'souls' will mingle among you and we will understand then that we were a necessary stronger entity, you did not have it in you to do what had to be done and at the same time you ridicule us about just that fact.

Have a nice day.


July 26,  2017  --  

Any day now...  What about today?  1st tier, 2nd tier, 3rd tier, 4th tier, 5th tier...   

Oh, so now I'm a security issue, why?  Because maybe I'm too on the mark for you slave masters?  Do you really think I care about what you think about me?  You're morons.  You're slow, with low IQ's and you don't have the balls to do what needs to be done.  Stop wasting your time on someone like me, when you haven't even jailed podesta or clinton or cheney or bush or soro, or comey, or obama  or ... or ... or ... or ... or ... or .................................  for starters:  And people/aliens we've never even heard of.

I have stated before - Either donate through the donate page or put an anonymous box at my doorstep.  Make sure, if you want to bomb me that you make it small enough so you don't inconvenience my neighbors.


July 24,  2017

Time is now.  I'm not going to stand in line.  I noticed the earthquakes in Russia.  Seek identity.  Validated.  I hope some of us meet in person at some point.

We have won against the evil.  But we still must be vigilant. 


11/07/2017  --  Some weird sites 'people' are coming here from, I'm not sure they're 'real'.   Routing through India or India?


07/07/2017  --  I'll be taking a few days off.  Go enjoy the propaganda.  Nothing will change.  The pedophiles are walking free.  Clinton is walking free, as is obama.  Do I really think what I write here is important, NOT.  As is usual, I'm interrupted so much that the only way to really write

is to change to the midnight shift.  I've tried it before and it doesn't work.  

Putin will not release names of the pedophiles, how much do you want to bet on it?

Those who committed the war crime of bombing Libya into the stone age will not go to the guillotine.  soros still gets air in his lungs, I just can't figure that out; same with kissinger, merkel and many many many others..... OH YEA don't forget the pope et al....

Hell, I don't know why I'm still here, entertainment I guess.

Sorry guys and lesbian and homos - you literally suck in the military; maybe that's why you haven't figured it out that we should have taken over the deep state at Burns, Oregon, we had a window of opportunity there.

I read this regular article, it's about trusting yourself and facing the reality of today.  Today's world - child rape, assassinations/attempted.

Rep. Steve Scalise remains in serious condition after undergoing surgery to manage infection

Surgery to manage an infection?

The distraction of North Korea?  You people are so boring it defies logic.  Musk is selling his new electric car (one of them) for 35,000 dollars.  All those drug confiscations, where are the drugs really going?  Small time traffickers....

LaVoy Finicum's murderer's going free - not just the actual shooters but the voice on high that gave the order to the man, who gave the order to the man, who gave the order to the man ... to pull the trigger.

The radio emanations - is it possible that some of us are immune, or, we understand it and know how to counterbalance it?  It may slow us down but it doesn't destroy us.

Hackers are targeting some places - I think they should do it over and over in those spots, a few times, to set the stage.  Although their targets are pretty lame if you ask me.  What about the 10 mile square of d.c., they do that shit in the movies all the time!  Yea, just a repeat of movie scripts in real life, now that would be a site to see.  We could set the fire works off for that.  But we do need an interim  government to put in place.  I guess - good luck with that.

Our crumbling infrastructure, food manufacturing, energy supply system, for example, is the perfect target for tptw when the people take back their lives.


06/07/2017  --  SYLHET, BD  yikes.  Maybe they came here by accident?  TRIPLE YIKES after checking it out on the net.  Beautiful country, but MOSQUES everywhere.  

05/07/2017  --  Poselok Lenina,  Imeni Lenina  --  Ukraine ?   Welcome


15/06/2017  --  Well 14... they talk about.   I'm not writing enough?  They've been hammering away with the radio waves.  I can hear them, constantly buzzing in the background, sometimes they take a break.

Send send send - my hours are different, especially now.  I'm watching.  I'm good at watching... been doing it all my life.  Watching,  the games that the narcissistic  demonic 'humans'  play, thinking they're special.  I'm watching the earth 20,000 ft over it, a grand chessboard.  They are a small sick breed of humans, not true humans.  They aren't as smart as they portray themselves to be.  From the movie, Independence Day; 'They are like locust, travelling from planet to planet consuming the resources.  When they are finished with one they move on to the next...'  If they were truly a benevolent entity they would have worked with humankind to optimize living on this planet.

The rape of this planet is almost complete now.  My only job now is to fight for my life and other like minded people, people who are awake, people who are suffering because of the supressive practices that these entities enforce.  I'm going to have fun continuing it.

So... under these circumstances, why should I trust any who claim to be beneficent?  Our trust as humans relies on action or reaction.  Betrayal is an easy thing to see.  I'm human.


08/06/2017  --  Some really cool places in Russia!  If I had anything to offer I'd apply for political asylum!  


04/06/2017  --  deleted


28/05/2017  --  Yes I've been neglecting this site, Why?  Because I've been posting at another site.   How is it going?  Well people don't seem to respect the site.  I could be wrong . 

I have to admit the formatting is more sophisticated than this, maybe I should make another move?


19/05/2017  -  I have a regular from Chicago now.  Interesting.  

13/05/2017  --  Excellent, no visitors; I can say anything I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/05/2017  --  Yikes!  Some interesting people coming here lately even though I haven't been posting much.    

03/05/2017  --  I think it's time I stopped the BS about being a renegade substitute President.  I have decided that the only way to get things done is to be a dictator.

02/05/2017  --  Mountain View, how are you today?  Does the NSA monitor this pathetic website? !

01/05/2017  --  Cool, welcome new visitor from Poland.

I'm healing up.  I'll be walking without help in another month.

Got to love Stan Ridgeway!​​