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You will need to be so much more than a good shot. And your physical strength will only get you so far. It all comes down to mindset. Are you ready for the challenge? Six athletic and adventurous women agreed to go to a mountain in Wyoming. In the end, they learn that their biggest competition isn’t the person to their left or right, but rather their biggest competitor is themselves.


15/06/2017  --  Well 14... they talk about.   I'm not writing enough?  They've been hammering away with the radio waves.  I can hear them, constantly buzzing in the background, sometimes they take a break.

Send send send - my hours are different, especially now.  I'm watching.  I'm good at watching... been doing it all my life.  Watching,  the games that the narcissistic  demonic 'humans'  play, thinking they're special.  I'm watching the earth 20,000 ft over it, a grand chessboard.  They are a small sick breed of humans, not true humans.  They aren't as smart as they portray themselves to be.  From the movie, Independence Day; 'They are like locust, travelling from planet to planet consuming the resources.  When they are finished with one they move on to the next...'  If they were truly a benevolent entity they would have worked with humankind to optimize living on this planet.

The rape of this planet is almost complete now.  My only job now is to fight for my life and other like minded people, people who are awake, people who are suffering because of the suppressive practices that these entities enforce.  I'm going to have fun continuing it.

So... under these circumstances, why should I trust any who claim to be beneficent?  Our trust as humans relies on action or reaction.  Betrayal is an easy thing to see.  I'm human.


08/06/2017  --  Some really cool places in Russia!  If I had anything to offer I'd apply for political asylum!  


04/06/2017  --  deleted


28/05/2017  --  Yes I've been neglecting this site, Why?  Because I've been posting at another site.   How is it going?  Well people don't seem to respect the site.  I could be wrong . 

I have to admit the formatting is more sophisticated than this, maybe I should make another move?


19/05/2017  -  I have a regular from Chicago now.  Interesting.  

13/05/2017  --  Excellent, no visitors; I can say anything I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/05/2017  --  Yikes!  Some interesting people coming here lately even though I haven't been posting much.    

03/05/2017  --  I think it's time I stopped the BS about being a renegade substitute President.  I have decided that the only way to get things done is to be a dictator.

02/05/2017  --  Mountain View, how are you today?  Does the NSA monitor this pathetic website? !

01/05/2017  --  Cool, welcome new visitor from Poland.

I'm healing up.  I'll be walking without help in another month.

Got to love Stan Ridgeway!​​

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18/04/2017  --  I do think my visit numbers are exaggerated, but maybe not!  But they're all, or most, regular visitors!  So.  Just saying hi to all of you.

gxer  --  16/04/2017

​Writing in this time frame is not working, but no offers of help.  I guess I'm not worthy.  Interrupted again.

gxer  --  03/04/2017

Okay - I'll get back in the game.  Thanks for letting me know.

gxer  --  ..3......  interesting.... No comment?


DD  --  For my birthday I splurged on eBay for a M- condition original 45 of this, a new diamond stylus for a Tetrad cartridge in a beautifully rejuvenated VM record changer inside a Zenith Allegro console and gave those fuckin' woofers the kind of exercise obstacle course they've been going without for years. There's nothing like an original mono Imperial label pressing of Spooky to handle the job, ...

Now for some real news.