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18/01/2018  --  Started out the morning in a loud conversation about the demise of the world:  Not a great way to begin!

I can't think of any reason why anyone would come to this site but there are a few.  It's unfortunate, I would have liked to know where the regulars viewed the site from, but not one of you ever e-mailed me.  It seemed like people liked to come here for the entertainment but weren't bold enough to let me know.  Here's some entertainment for you that I came across in my travels:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Rudolf the tall white alien

I tried accessing my worth but would have been really stupid to continue the quest because the illegals would have dragged me off to prison where I would have died!


17/01/2018  --   Reports seem believable.   

It is now time to lead, don't you think?

Sun Tzu:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.


15/01/2018  --  Welcome my new visitor from Down Under!

Repeat - 16/01/2018  --  Take care of it.  Terms already stated.




09/01/2018  --   The foreign currency is set.  The RICO suit, according to Mr. T, has been filed.

AND NOT ONE EVIL ENTITY HAS BEEN ARRESTED.  This committee, that committee.  We have everything we need.   It is understandable that it must happen under the radar, but, several will have to be announced to satisfy the need for some closure.  

We're winning, maybe so.  But the artificial weather is destroying the planet.  The M-B are not in production and there is no doubt a waiting list of those more in need.  If any wish me to stay then it should be put to me asap.  Patience - I've been seeing that a lot lately.  But I know that I will have a choice.  And this pathetic announcement about choosing: please - you, I and all others have already chosen.  What do you want, for us to sign some kind of NDA!?   I GOT THE MSG LOUD AND CLEAR - YOU'D BETTER HAVE A JOB READY FOR ME THAT COMPLIMENTS MY SKILLS.

Remember - at this point I have no delusions: (I should have saved some pages).  But 'T' put it best:  "The Most Deadly Weapon Ever Created"- November 27, - 2017.



I totally dropped the ball working with this site.  I thought I was making it easy by just putting dates and times on the link option, home page, so you wouldn't have to waste time if there is nothing new.  Boy was I wrong....

Truth, I hate godaddy.  I wish I knew how to code.  I'm going to look at it.

I was pissed, remember I get a bit reckless when I get mad, so I deleted a whole bunch of pages.  I was considering dumping the site but a person talked me out of it.

Now back to work.  Below is something someone sent me:

He is cutting off the drug funded cabal. Growing our own ends the cabal weed from Mexico coming over the border & our $$$ leaving the country.
The hard drugs are all from the CIA cabal so they will be ended all together which includes big pharma heroin dealers...and their drug dealer doctors. (script writers)
All the heroin comes form the Middle East.
All the amphetamines come from (cabal created) North Korea.  (which have been cut off...too bad obama. (He had a ship loaded from there (and)  got caught)

gxer - After keeping up with the drug report I have no doubts to this.