26/04/2018  --  I've seen people writing that there are only 'about' 100 million 'real' people on this planet.  The rest are interlopers and clones and aliens and such.  Blah Blah Blah

So what is the truth?  Why should I care?  What does life really mean now?  Does it mean that we end up feasting on this planet until it is gone?  This would prove some theories correct.  

It really means now that I should just pursue my existence as a human.  But am I human?  Should I assume that I'm human or 'choose' that I've been sent here, born here from another place/race and claim superiority?  If this be the case why bother?  I claim nothing.  Why would I have chosen to come to this shit hole?  What logical explanation could anyone give me as an explanation?  That I, one person, can possibly make a difference in fixing this shit hole; when all others do is claim that there are 13 bloodlines and they control the world?  Are you kidding me.  The anointed one - will save amerikkka?  Please do - but tell me: Exactly what is my roll in this?  Do you really believe that my one pathetic life matters? That much?  You keep saying that - Every life matters.  Tell me how it matters?  Tell me how my suffering matters to the bigger picture?  Tell me how the next person's life matters when they're suffering also?

I am now very aware that I will be dammed if I don't finish my allotted time here, you fucker.  You've made that quite clear.  I was made to come here to - suffer?  That was the plan?   Trust 'The Plan'?  

And just in case some of you are wondering why I'm writing this way right now - I've been getting threatening phone calls lately.  Something very strange happened to me - physically about 3 days ago and 'they' have been hammering our part of the city with radio waves to the point that my ears hurt.  Nice try.  Remember the scene in the movie, The Fifth Element, where blood comes down the head of the protagonist?  That is how I feel, but only it would come out my ears.

It really is a great time to be alive.


It's been a while and you're still coming here to check it out.  I'll come back; I just paid for another year for the domain name.  You see I've been spending some time on a specific 'research' site, I'm not very good there though, I'm too slow.  So what is it you'd like me to focus on?

I've been following the currency changes in Iraq.  I've been following the world strategy of the 'deep state' in their effort to take over the world. Now also I've seen their satanic practice schedule and what is necessary for their rituals to be successful.  These people are sick.  The question is: what are they doing to take over the world?  The answer - everything.

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