Defend Yourself  --  18/11/2018

4:   How To Build A Gas Mask!!! // Under $30

Using a scuba divers mask

3:  ​HOMEMADE GAS MASK  Truly unfortunate - this was a good video, it's been taken down.

Brian Brushwood explains how to make a gas mask with stuff you can find around your house.
This video is from National Geographic

This video is a must watch.  It is the 3rd recommendation I site on the right above


"The Forbidden Knot"- How To Tie A Real Hangman's Noose Knot   --  An Imminent Threat Solution

Rope is a renewable resource


[1]  --  JoeySalads  -  ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) - Berkeley Trump Rally Protest






Homemade Gas Masks vs. Tear Gas Grenades

Published on Mar 10, 2016

Brian and Jason craft homemade gas masks out of readily-available materials, and put them to
the test against the Fox Five Point Three tactical pepper spray grenades.

Some of the comments say - just buy a mask.  Well... any half way decent masks start at 60 dollars.  Sure I'd like to buy one of them, but in a pinch these should get you to the next stage.

I recommend using a combination of these three.


1.  Use the foam and examine the cutting dimensions for your face; remembering to start large.

2.  The middle video is a bit fast but gives some good info about breathing methods.

3.  Watch the last video to see how precise he is about using the charcoal

4.  Replacement to #3 testing the earth is important here.  You must test it if you plan to seal it.  This one does allow for making replacement canisters.

Don't forget bullet proof vests:  One place to start - Bullet Proof ME Body Armor  [3]

Some of the kevlar bullet proof vests are very expensive for the average person, but you might want to look at them to at least see the new technologies.   Here  [4]  - Good basic selection.    Here  [5]     Here  [6] - flashy site but has many excellent items

Don't forget gloves:  Here   [7]  Make sure to get an accurate sizing - this is very important.


These Trump supporters  need to get with the program:  How to make homemade gas masks - BELOW.  [1]  If you can afford to buy --  here's one that looks interesting  Tactical Gas Mask  [2]