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Perfect distraction for the idiots.  War reparations, PLEASEEEEEE.

Generations who have nothing to do with  WW 2 are going to pay for the lies.  They are going to pay to keep the lies alive.  You sick motherfuckers.  So Poland, who benefits by you bringing up this distraction, right now?

Old, shriveled men, jews, you will never get your fake money!  Simply pathetic.  You waste the people's time and emotions.  You stupid Germans.  

Now, if you must be reminded it's the idiots who keep merkel in.  Of course the people don't do it, TPTW keep her in.  She's good @ getting on her knees, I doubt however that she's any good @ giving ****.

The jews, all of you Polish, why are they still in your country?  History repeats itself again and again, so on, so on, ..........