Here's my favorite young man.  I'm sure you ask, why do I call him my favorite little man?  The horror in his eyes reminds me that I'm not innocent.  We have done this to him.    He doesn't deserve the pain.  He is innocent.  His soul...  I have some guilt in this horror.
I think of him when I know that there is hope.  Some day we won't see these pictures.

07-28-2011 12:27 BJT

Weighing just seven pounds - as much as a newborn - seven-month-old Mihag Gedi Farah stares wide-eyed, his skin pulled taut over his ribs and tiny arms.

Mihag Gedi Farah: skeletal baby in East Africa's famine, given 50% chance of survival

Mihag Gedi Farah  --  African Baby