22/05/2017  --   The interview with Philippine  President, Rodrigo Duterte,  with RT reporter Maria Finoshina was detestable.   Pres. Duterte, none the less overlooked the  diminutive level of intellectual questions.  She was not prepared for a respectful conversation and also dressed unprofessionally for this level of interaction.  As 'small' a reference to her dress may be, it was VERY noticeable in the interaction.  It showed disrespect.   She was afraid of him.  Pres. Duterte was professional and charming; yet she continued on a course of dialogue unbefitting a man of his stature.  Reporter Finoshina has proven herself unsuitable for this level of sophisticated  interaction.


Where was Rory Suchet?  Where was Sophie Shevardnadze?


08/04/2017  --  WTH is going on over there?

gxer  --  10/03/2017

I wish I could apply for citizenship.  My long ago relatives came from Prussia.  I can't prove it though: my mom might have some records.  None the less, it would still be difficult because the skills I have are common and I don't have any gold reserves to backup any financial requirements needed by those seeking citizenship.  Bummer!

Fast-track Russian citizenship planned under new Duma bill

09/02/2017  --  gxer

I had a dream two nights ago about a Russian dance troupe - Mach 5.

One of the dancers is a gazelle.  She is blonde, lithe and slender, with a hint of muscularity.  The dance uniform was a full body, powder blue in color.

I looked on the net.  Of course there is all the vulgarity, soft core-porn etc etc...

I did not come across any dance group with that name.

got to go


[1]  https://www.rt.com/politics/380118-duma-readies-new-bill-setting/

[2]  https://www.rt.com/shows/rt-interview/389163-philippines-duterte-interview/

[3]  Such is life, I have no wealth to secure.  I'm one of the lowly ones, expendable!  

02/10/2017  --   

ISIS  =  Israeli Secret Intelligence Service      The REAL  ISIS has claimed responsibility

US INC. is broke.  Drop the FED NOTES now.  Bite the fucking bullet and do it.

Stop aiding and abetting these FALSE FLAGS. 

Do whatever it takes and get it done.  You're not fooling anyone anymore.

and neither is US INC..  You're all afraid.  Change is a scary endeavour isn't it?


'Act of pure evil': Trump on Las Vegas shooting   .   Trump.

What do you think?    Is Trump in on it?  TPTW  need a distraction so big that the WORLD is in SHOCK about how US INC. is the best at pulling off a FALSE FLAG Massacre (real dead bodies this time)?   

They're probably sitting around their highly polished Teak table having a brandy saying,  Those stupid American's will believe anything!!!   LOL  LOL


October 1, 2017  --  Что бы вы ни думали ФРС будет продолжать падать, падает, падает.
Дайте ему перейти. Дайте машине плоскую линию. Ничто не сможет остановить его сейчас. !

Whatever you think the fed is going to drop, drop, drop.

Let it go.  Let the machine flat line.  There's no stopping it now. ! 


​24/09/2017  --  В прошлом месяце - их падения на колени. Я хотел бы я смог помочь.

19/09/2017   --     Просто сделать это

Путин заказы до конца торговли в долларах США на российских морских портов

03/08/2017  --  Такова жизнь, я не богатства для фиксации. Я один из м едленно, длительного пользования!Such is life, I have no wealth to secure.  I'm one of the lowly ones, expendable!  


gxer  --   Интересно. Да я gxer. Я хотел бы принять гражданство для домашних офисов. Затем я сканирования и представить "идеи".  Конечно я бы необходимость наставника asap научить меня Российской       Crash конечно!

​Russia lll   ... 02/10/2017  ... utc-8  2011                                                                     Russia ...24/10/2016     

                                                                                                                                                  Russia II 27/12/2016