General kicked out of army after taking part in ‘banned’ anti-Islam rally  [3] 

French general, former head of FFL., speaks immediately before his arrest   [5]
One of the most respected and famous generals in France was arrested for marching with PEGIDA in Calais yesterday, Feb. 6 2016
This is the speech he gave accusing France of being a dictatorship immediately before the state proved him correct.

Manifestation interdite à Calais : un général et une vingtaine de personnes arrêtés  [6]   

Foreign Legion general protests migrants' invasion, is brutally arrested 
...  "le général de Corps d'Armée Christian Piquemal, qui n'est plus dans l'active, mais dans la réserve. Ce dernier a été à la tête de la légion étrangère de 1994 à 1999. Décoré de la Légion d'honneur, il a également présidé l'Union nationale des parachutistes. Sa présence, annoncée, à la manifestation interdite, constituait déjà en soi un événement. Il était présent, en tête du cortège, et a pris plusieurs fois la parole, lançant aux gendarmes un «Vous devriez avoir honte!». "


General of Army Corps Christian Piquemal, who is no longer active but in the reserve... was at the head of the Foreign Legion from 1994 to 1999. Awarded the Legion of Honour, he also chaired the National Union of paratroopers . His presence, announced at the banned demonstration , was in itself an important event. He was present at the head of the procession and took the micro several times to speak, telling the anti-riot police : " you ought to be ashamed ! ".


Brandenburg v. Ohio395 U.S. 444 (1969)

was a landmark United States Supreme Court case based on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The Court held that government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless that speech is "directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action".  Specifically, it struck down Ohio's criminal syndicalism statute, because that statute broadly prohibited the mere advocacy of violence. 

Schenck v. United States249 U.S. 47 (1919)

Background of the case

Schenck v. United States was the first in a line of  Supreme Court Cases defining the modern understanding of the First Amendment.   Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. wrote the often-cited opinion in the case, because of events that were not publicly known at the time.  The United States' entry into the First World War had caused deep divisions in society, and was vigorously opposed, especially by those on the radical left and by those who had ties to Ireland or Germany.  The Woodrow Wilson Administration launched a broad campaign of criminal enforcement that resulted in thousands of prosecutions.  Many of these were for trivial acts of dissent.  In the first case arising from this campaign to come to the Court, Baltzer v. United States, the defendants had signed a petition criticizing their governor's administration of the draft, threatening him with defeat at the polls.  They were charged with obstructing the recruitment and enlistment service, and convicted.  When a majority of the Court voted during their conference to affirm the conviction, Holmes quickly drafted and circulated a strongly worded dissenting opinion:

Real obstructions of the law, giving real aid and comfort to the enemy, I should have been glad to see punished more summarily and severely than they sometimes were.  But I think that our intention to put out all our powers in aid of success in war should not hurry us into intolerance of opinions and speech that could not be imagined to do harm, although opposed to our own.  It is better for those who have unquestioned and almost unlimited power in their hands to err on the side of freedom


ReDo:  If I were the Dictator  2017 - 2021


[3]                                                                     [4]  --  Piquemal the problem is Islam
[5]  ==  French general, former head of FFL., speaks immediately before his arrest
[6]                 [7]





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[15]  Source:


waging war V  ... 03/05/2017  ...utc-8  1334


Chief of Staff  --  C.N. Miller  - No, it's not anyone you get on google.

Vice President  --  Jesse Ventura  [11]

 NSC adviser  --  General-Colonel Valeriy Gerasimov​   [12]


Secretary of State  --    Vyacheslav Volodin [13]

Joint Chiefs of Staff  [9]


​Michael T. Flynn [7]

Advisor:  Ex-NSA William Binney

Gen. Richard Cody, USA (Ret.)

French police officer Sebastien Jallamion  [10]

I will appoint Rt. General Christian Piquemal  [1] [2]  as the leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

​Current news -   Piquemal the problem is Islam  [4]

12/04/2017  --  I'm so Fk**** pissed.

I grew up watching the Vietnam war; there hasn't been a day in my life were their hasn't been war.  It's 2017 and we are still destroying the planet; no mention of that.  I met an man right out of high school who was a body bag man in the Vietnam war, his mind was empty, gone, shot.  This time the swamp needs to be drained of all the liars and greedy war mongers.

12/04/2017  --  White House conference with Pres. Trump and Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg

So the real issue was never brought up: The muslim invasion of Europe.  If any of these people were serious they would be planning the border structure of defense against these invaders.  North Korea?  Gas attack by Assad - where's the proof?  

Russia, Russia Russia.

NATO and Amerikkka are only fighting for the wealthy.  If they were fighting for the people of Europe they would be putting together a plan to stop the muslim invasion of the world.

NATO - If kept would begin deployment of troops around the borders of the incoming hordes and then the deployment to the countries who are already being taken over - Sweden.  It's to late for Sweden.

They are traitors to white europe.


12/04/2017  --  hebrew - shekina    English  --  Shock and Awe

I agree with what Russia is doing.  The determined patience of President Putin is other-worldly.   The meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could been handled without saying a word, but I doubt the Russian Foreign Minister would take that tact.  That would be diplomatic.  The opening statement about ultimatum was clever.  You see if the opposing human has an ego the best defense is to offer no acknowledgement or the least you can give for the specific moment/event.

Tillerson is out of his element with Russian President Putin.  Will anything change?  Putin will say, 'you can only go so far then playtime is over.  For whatever the motivation behind President Trump's act of war is, it has made the current president unworthy to hold office.  Those who follow him are also unworthy, so I'll take over!

Did the people of the States United of America want the truth?  Did we want the criminal H.R. Clinton arrested and tried for, among other crimes - murder?   James Comey aided and abetted H.R. Clinton by not arresting her, he should be arrested also.

Now, what about Jarrett and obama  et. al. ?   What about this pedophile ring?

The cleanup of this country will be devastating to the poor, sick and old and those able, but unprepared.  Will a cleanup happen? On my watch it would: And I'd go down in history as one of the most evil person's because I dared to arrest, try and convict those even more evil than I.   If those that I've listed below do not like my ruthlessness then I'll find some who do.

The supreme court justices whom are unqualified, IMHO, will be 'asked' to leave so that we can appoint those who are.  Term limits / age and health limits will be put in place.  Under these ideas at the moment would mean that, to start, Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan would be 'asked' to step down.

Enemies of the state, such as George Soros, who has fomented chaos around the world and in the States United of America will be arrested and tried for such offenses and treason.

My favorite --  The Pope and the company known as The vatican.  You all will rot in hell.  I'll see to it that all the stolen artifacts are given back to the countries which they belong.  All the hidden technology will be released to the public, scientists and the people of the world will begin to know what it is like to not suffer and toil just for one meal.

And I will put all these things in an order so as to make maximum use of the technologies.  To bad I'm just a whack job on the internet!


Now, it's time to get serious.

The Deep State, through puppet Trump, has now declared their own private war on Syria.  The attack wasn't sanctioned by the US Congress which makes Trump using United States military equipment for his own attack.

Also:   The Populist

[14]        Also:  The Populist

03/05/2017  --  It's time for me to declare my dictatorship.

For starters, we need to get the blueprints for the SNCC, 2190 E Mesquite Ave, Pahrump, NV 89060.  I believe this is the right address.  We must rescue Ammon and Ryan Bundy.

We must rescue Dwight and Steven Hammond from the California prison: Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island 1299 S Seaside Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731

We must have a concealed residence set up for each group of men to reside in.  However, would a concealed residence be similar to a prison?  


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Exposing the hidden structures behind an Antifa riot

This video is slowly being erased from the net.  Pass it around, again and again.

              ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) - Berkeley Trump Rally Protest

19/04/2017  --  It's time to get to work.  We don't even need to leave the country, US Inc., to be at war.  Let's begin with this:

JCS - It's time to gather intell and infiltrate (small scale) to find out if they have 'leadership' and what scale of arms training they have; who is funding these 'antifa' and what sites on the internet they inhabit.

Let's execute a PR campaign based around Louise Rosealma , aka - Venus Rosales the Antifa Girl who got punched.  To start.

Good overview:

​Personal Life
Emily is the daughter of Bonnie Marshall and Dan Nauert. She has a brother named James.  [15]

Could this be the proud father?  Donn Nauert
QA Manager at Jakks Pacific - customer service # 1-877-875-2557 took awhile to get through but the woman had no idea who he is or if he worked there.

Greater Los Angeles Area
Computer Games
California Lutheran University


Emily Rose Marshall 
Emily Rose Nauert 
Louise Rosealma 
Venus Rosales    [16]

Lay it all out - pun intended!  Legal intentions known.

JCS and NSC plan for next action - small or large.

We have many advantages.  I will not go into them as it would give them more basic strategy info.