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Horrible Child Abuse Blamed on Arizona Agencies

Courthouse News Service

TUCSON (CN) — After Arizona’s Department of Child Safety placed a toddler with a man who ran a “pornographic pedophile ring” out of his home, it moved her to a home where the foster mother burned her with scalding water over 80 percent of her body, the little girl’s guardian claims in court.

Fleming and Curti PLC, court-appointed guardian of Jane Doe, sued Arizona, its Department of Child Safety, other state agencies, the Christian Family Care Agency and a host of other institutions and people, in Pima County Court.

The Department of Child Safety, formerly Child Protective Services, removed Jane Doe from her biological mother’s home in 2013, when she was 2, and placed her with David and Barbara Frodsham, a state-licensed foster home, according to the June 16 lawsuit.

The state allowed Jane to stay with the Frodshams for 18 months, despite her biological mother’s complaints of “Jane Doe’s repeated documented urinary tract infections,” the complaint states.

“Instead of investigating Jane Doe’s biological mother’s concerns of abuse, [DCS] and the defendant caseworkers accused her of making false and exaggerated reports to DCS,” according to the complaint.

The state did not act until David Frodsham, driving drunk, left 3-year-old Jane and another child in his parked car while he was collecting his foster parent check in a state office, while “visibly drunk and acting belligerent.” Police were called and found Frodsham had a .28 blood alcohol concentration. They removed Jane from his care but did not investigate his home, the complaint states.

It continues:

“Later, David Frodsham was arrested and accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, procuring minors for sex, and possessing and/or manufacturing child pornography. Law enforcement’s investigation revealed a video made by David Frodsham of a 3- or 4-year-old girl being penetrated by an adult male and screaming for her mommy. David Frodsham pled guilty rather than face a trial and has been sentenced to 17 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections. David Frodsham was part of a pornography ring involving numerous children in his pornography and the procurement of sex for the ring.” (Citation to sentencing document omitted.)

Four more state and federal cases involving a child placed in Frodsham’s home are pending against him, and more are expected to be filed, according to the complaint.

Unfortunately, things did not improve much when the state moved Jane into the care of Justin and Samantha Osteraas, her guardian says. According to the complaint, “Defendant Samantha Osteraas submerged and held down Jane Doe, a 5-year-old, in a bath of scalding hot water. Jane Doe suffered severe burns over 80 percent of her body. When police arrived, there was blood on the floor and pieces of Jane Doe’s skin were falling off her body. There were bruises to her neck and arms along with other signs of trauma.”

Jane had to be placed in a medically induced coma, suffering from organ failure. She lost her toes to amputation “and will undergo lifelong operations to replace 80 percent of the skin on her body and will need incredible amounts of care for the duration of her life as a result of the abuse she suffered in the Osteraas’ home.”

Samantha Osteraas, 28, was arrested in January this year and charged with child abuse. The state then removed her three biological children from her home, according to the Arizona Daily Star. She is awaiting trial.

Jane’s guardian seeks punitive damages for negligence, respondeat superior, breach of duty, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery, and constitutional violations.

Here are the defendants: State of Arizona; Arizona Department of Child Safety; Arizona Department of Economic Security; Child Protective Services; Division of Children, Youth and Families; Christian Family Care; Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona Inc.; St. Nicholas of Myra; Mark Brnovich; Gregory McKay; Charles Flanagan; Clarence Carter; Jeannette Sheldon; Eva Pena; Katherine Mayer; Cassie Dixon; Monica Reyes; Norel Alviti; Rosette Codner; Jack Roddy; David Frodsham; Barbara Frodsham; Samantha Osteraas; and Justin Osteraas.

Jane is represented by the Cadigan Law Firm and Carillo Law Firms of Tucson, and by Manly, Stewart & Finaldi in Irvine, Calif.

A DCS spokesperson said the agency does not comment on pending litigation.

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29/07/2017  --  It is our obligation to the future generations to kill, dismantle and destroy the zionist cabal and all the other evil entities trying to kill humanity and this planet.  We cannot kick the tin can down the lane for the next generation to do it.  The next generation doesn't know what is really going on.  

By GOD let's bring these mtherfkkers to their knees once and for all


So the slimy jews think they own the world.  I was talking today with someone who stated that they, the jews, will wish that they had killed him.  Pissed off?  

There are 'people' on the side of the citizens, you say?  You'd better get aggressive.  I listened to a radio show recently where the man stated that we the people better start getting more aggressive.  I wonder what that means?  Rhetorical question!

I know what I'd do, but it's only a fantasy!  

What about the sick clinton's, it's not a fantasy for them now is it?
Several tell me that I'm better than that.  Well now...  some of us will have to get our hands dirty.  I may not do it but I dam sure will help if you give me a shovel, 6 feet, no less.
I don't have much to lose anymore.  When you corner an adversary you'd better not hesitate. 
'Some' say it's to early, to early for whom, those you've stolen from or not soon enough for yourselves?
If I have to come back here you, all of you, will regret it.  I will rain down the wrath of the gods on you.  All of you limp-wristed  mouth pieces.  There are some who stand up but not many, and many who do stand up are being assassinated.  

I was talking today with a friend, they believe 100% that 'others' share the earth with us.  Ok, so why do they lurk in the shadows?  Why do they share a planet that is devolving around them, when obviously they are better equipped than us?  They would lurk in the shadows and watch their world die also, they are also part of the problem, cowards.  

What will I do?

I have a list, others should add to it, but I don't have my own special ops battalion; such is life.   The 50 year, 100 year plan?

When you have parasites you expunge them as fast as possible, NO?

How do we expunge parasitical people?  We remove and burn them so the epidemic doesn't spread.  Burn them, ugh.  Ok, set up a guillotine.  We can digitally set a timer and automated walk way; no man or woman need get their hands dirty.  We can automate everything.  But you say that some will be spared.  Spared, why?  So they can come back and start all over again?  What is the definition of insanity?  Do you really think that evil changes its way?  Are you willing to risk the future of planet earth by being merciful?

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ALL YOU 'ELDERS', of all walks of 'culture', should never be respected.  You sold yourselves a long time ago.

I will hopefully/gratefully be gone soon - this planet never deserved a person like me here.

waging war  Vll   ...02/08/2017  ...utc-8  1048

02/08/2017  --  We are waging war.  We must come up with a plan for these two and the others who aided and abetted them.  I believe that a public execution would be in order.  They should be dragged from their jail cells and face a firing squad or torn from limb to limb.   We don't owe them another meal.  Once their bodies are lifeless they will then be cremated. 

30 abled bodied men, appointed by a counsel of their peers with the help of the sheriff and jail supervisor will set a time for the transporting of these physical entities to the execution site, along with the aider's and abettor's.  The aider's and abettor's will be set in the front row for the execution.

A priest will be present to give these demonic entities their last rites before they descend into hell.  Again all the land around this area must undergo a cleansing.

All aiders and abettors will be sentenced according to current laws and the key thrown away.

So.........  What are we going to do about these monsters?