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23/01/2018 - release the memo.  Release ALL the shit.

The President could have started this swamp draining by releasing the real JFK documents but he didn't, remember?


What would happen - Depends on who found them.  Under the current circumstances I would find a way to get the e-mails and hand then myself to the president.
What if known is far???? ???  ---  You now know your enemy and yourself - encircle them.  Those who have aided and abetted are now vulnerable - encircle them.   
A lawlessness could ensue; or the attempt would/could be be made.  Are they capable of an attempt?  
It appears that the 'ally' is close at hand.  Create an system malfunction and monitor communications and communications.  Create a system, personal overload.  Don't waste time.  Encircle them and release.  
Let those close to them know they are culpable and what will transpire.  Think communist tactics.  Who else would they use for this deed?  What does the entity stand to gain from this deed?
Who on your side can be trusted with the information?  Are they capable of helping nation wide calm? It appears of little, right?  
Those afraid and with the skills: Are they willing to give the ultimate sacrifice?  Are they in a position to achieve it?  Are they capable of knowledge of collateral damage?  If so who would be a first choice, and to not create nation wide unrest and get it done quickly?  Who would be the second choice that would break off a communication tie/s?  Would you be able to get two for the price of one.  Accident? Age related but not effect directly our style.  Release F/or part, at same time.   It still appears that time is seriously diminished/ing.
Create an unusual distraction for your others, away from - distance.  Foreign social engagement? 

I should write a thriller - I have a typewriter now.