video above  [9]

For a quick learn of self defense technicques I would recommend Krav Maga.

videos above  1 through 5

Originally found HERE [8]


Here is a good video about - individual aspects of the psychology of the fight.  ie. the necessity for adaptation in different situations.​  Why KRAV Maga/'Self Defense' DOESN'T work in STREET FIGHTS!  - This is an important dialogue.  

He states that one method isn't necessarily better than the other, it's about adaptation.

The Concealed Carry Draw Stroke  [7]  

NEW   21/02/2016  --  Excellent website  --

7 Considerations for a Woman Purchasing a Handgun  [6]  KeepingPiece2010

Self Defense for Disable\Handicaped using crutches  [5]  naihanchin Kempo - video

Defense against a Choke from Behind - Women Self Defense  [4] --  Nick Drossos - video

Women's Self Defense: Level 1 - Rape Escape  [3]  Final Round Training - video

Self-Defense for Women: Simple Techniques  [2]

Instructional DVD - Women's Combat --  [1]

Kimber Johnson, lifetime martial artist and assault survivor, teaches predator defense & rape prevention techniques
.  Principles and tactics designed specifically to defeat a determined sexual predator
.  Defenses against hair-pulling, choking, and being pinned
.  Defenses against being suddenly shoved from any direction
.  Total run time of 1 hour

JOLT Stun Gun Rechargeable 35M  [1]

NEW  21/02/2016  --  Electronic Stun Devices 101: What They Can and Cannot Do

5 Durable 'Budget Pistols' that Won't Jam


I think all civilized women should be learning about sharia law and what the koran advocates regarding sexual practices with                                      women and children; that includes young boys.
All civilized American women should be organizing their own militias and training for sniper expertise. 
All muslim men should be the targets once the jihad commences.  The reason is because men are the Main perpetrators. 
I have stated this many times; once women have to get together to protect themselves and their children against                                                          targeted rape and abuse there will be outright carnage.  You men can count on it.
Ladies start the training now.  Get your weapons NOW.

The one thing I agree upon is the fact that knowledge of technique can help.  Discipline and knowing that you have the skills to defeat your attacker is what will be the defining factor in any attack.  

Women of the world -21/02/2016  Self Defense - NEW items

Snipercraft: Laying the Groundwork for a Career as a Sniper

                               Women's Sniper Rifles





[3]  --  Final Round Training




[7]   The Concealed Carry Draw Stroke